S I G H T   U N S E E N   O F F S I T E   2 0 1 8

Trueing (Josh Metersky and Aiden Bowman) & Andreas Bergsaker’s lighting collection for Norway x New York establishes a new design language for each participant. Hewing to neither American nor Norwegian aesthetics, each piece is a happy medium. The Par Lamp is named thusly. Meaning ‘Pair’ in Norwegian, it’s design references a coupling of shapes, nationalities, and the designers’ sensibilities.

For the collection, which consists of a table and floor lamp, a pair of sculpted fins are joined by a bridge at the base. Their all-wood construction in fine-grained Douglas Fir highlights the warmth and subtlety of the chosen material, while a light source hidden in the front piece provides an indirect glow when lit.

Constructed in three parts, the shape of each lamp is a study in balance, exploring a shared interest in soft, organic forms. The opposing fins, with their curved surfaces facing inwards, establish a formal dialogue that mirrors the design process: two related, yet discrete, pieces are joined together.

Douglas fir

Par Table Lamp:
W:     10" 
H:     14"
D:    5.25" 

Par Floor Lamp:
W:    7.5" 
H:    45" 
D:    6.5"